Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tiddings but Christmas is just a few months away. How about a set of wine glasses for your table???? Or maybe a personalized plate for Santa and his cookies. Have someone thats hard to buy for???? Is there anyone that doesnt like watching the birds around a birdhouse come spring?
Tired of getting electronic Christmas cards? How about a Vintage Christmas card made with orginal vintage postcards over 100 years old? Hallmark aint got those!!!! I include the date/postmark on the back of each card so the reciever will know where and when the card was mailed. I can even search high and low for particular dates and states if you wish.
And want that special Christmas tree for your holiday get togethers? Why not decorate your tree with handmade/handpainted Christmas ornaments?
Oh and lets not forget the teenagers!! How about a journal for that girl to write down all her deep secrets (no key provided) LOL
I am taking orders and they are coming in strong right now so PLEASE contact me to place your order. And i ALWAYS give quanity discounts and referral discounts (or free gifts with a referral that purchases).

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